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4 PM Snack Ideas

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How innovative can you get for that 4 pm hunger snack?

That tricky time of day, when you still have a few hours to go before you can hit the 'head home button', is best handled with a good, fulfilling snack that not only hits the spot and satiates your hunger, but tastes good and is nutritious too. Given the levels of stress that we all deal with, good nutrition becomes even more important. Our bodies demand that we eat small quantities of good quality food at regular intervals. Keep in mind the old adage: we are what we eat. Good food also gives you good immunity - so look for foods that are clean and natural. Of course, when good nutrition comes with good taste, well – what more can you ask for?

At Gouri’s Goodies, we focus primarily on the mindfulness of overall eating or anytime snacking. There is also great importance given to convenience and taste, as that is the need for today’s lifestyles - eating delicious, nutritious, and on the go. All of Gouri’s Goodies products are gluten-free and preservative-free. You can consume the cereals with dairy or non-dairy milk, simply as they are, grind them into flours or add them to smoothies and puddings, or even eat them as a super nutritious bhel with the addition of chutneys.  

So, how about choosing from a range of Gouri's Goodies snacks for your 4 pm re-energizer, either in their classic form or by adding a few simple ingredients to them for a touch of power-packed snacking which is not only guilt-free but super tasty as well!

Our product range offers cereals, energy bars, mini energy bites and ladoos, all of which are ready to eat but can also be adapted extensively into varied recipe formats.

Desk snack ideas by Gouri Gupta, founder, Gouri’s Goodies.

  1. Eat all the products the way they are while working at your desk

  1. Add fruits to the cereal and make a happy bowl meal. For instance, add chopped bananas, seasonal fruits like strawberries or mangoes, a dollop of yoghurt and extra nuts or seeds.
  1. Mix yoghurt with crumbled energy bars or mini bites
  1. Crumble the energy bars into milk and make a cold shake
  1. Add lemon, salt and pepper to either of the Millet cereal mixes and enjoy as a bhel. Add onions, potatoes, tomatoes or chutney if you have them around.
  1. Add the cereal to the leftover khichdi from your tiffin for an evening snack with added crunch

  1. Dip the energy bar or mini bites into your afternoon tea or coffee  
  1. Mix cereal into your leftover sambar or dal and enjoy
  1. Add a little nutrition to your vada paav by sprinkling a little millet cereal between the bread. Same goes for any sandwich for added crunch!

Supercharge yourself to take the rest of the evening on!   

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