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A Morning Routine – My Two Bits!

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A Morning Routine – My Two Bits!

We all have different ways to approach our mornings – some wake up excited for what the day brings, others like to ease into their mornings lazily. Some wake up in the wee hours of the morning (yes, making the most of your morning is the best idea) while some wake up just an hour before walking into work (dazed – coffee in one hand, sunglasses in the other). It doesn’t matter how you like to start your morning, there is always something to make each morning a great start.

It’s the most sacred time of our day – when utilised in the right manner, the tone of our day is set in a favourable manner. For example, no two mornings of mine are the same. On some days, I am bustling about the kitchen to get products ready, testing out recipes and prepping my family’s meals for the day. And some mornings, I sit with myself or go for a walk on the nearby seaside walkway for a breather. However, in both these scenarios, I have one constant activity. I make it a point to spend at least a couple of minutes (some days 5, some days 10) to look at a lusciously green tree right outside my window. Watching the leaves flutter in the clean wind, with birds chirping away to a morning tune, helps me fill up with joy and happiness to spread around throughout the day.

Whatever you do for that one calm zen moment, there should be one end goal – to make people happy – whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever you display – make sure it is in an effort to spread joy, light-heartedness and happiness around you. Everyone wants to feel good – be a part of their ‘feel-good’ moments.

This has always been a part of my persona – I love it when I can make someone feel good. Whether it is by feeding them, giving them a compliment, happy advice or just a smile to get them through the day. Like Pharrell Williams sings away, ‘Clap along if you know what happiness is to you!’

But now down to some serious talk – we all need some tips and pointers on how to make the most of our mornings. I love variety, which means I generally detest routine – however, these are a few of the usual practices that get me going each morning.

  1. Apart from shutting off the alarm, keep away from your devices for at least an hour after waking. The small gap between asleep and awake – right after my eyes open. It’s the time of my morning where I can either be thankful for all that I have and will have or build up anxiety about what will come my way during the day. This part of the morning is my favourite – it helps me express gratitude for all the good that flows through my life and chalk out a plan for the day forward.
  2. Skip the morning coffee – try some hot water with lemon and honey instead. It starts your metabolism on the right tone, burning fat while sustaining muscle, cleanses your mouth and throat and gives you a zingy energy boost! I love mine with some lemongrass too!
  3. Stretch– take a short walk in the fresh air or a 30-minute cycle ride. If you aren’t the kind that likes to work out in the mornings, take up a 30-minute meditation session. Get yourself working to make the start of your day with energy and positivity!
  4. Set your goals for the day – how many tasks will you complete? Whose happiness is in your hands today? What are you doing today that is just for ‘you’?
  5. Make sure to have a good breakfast – this is the most important meal of your day (we have heard this from generations of our families). A nutritious breakfast with good ingredients offering the boost that will set the tone for your day is a must. Grab a bowl of yoghurt and fresh fruit, or a tasty bowl of cereal and milk, or simply just a very well-filled and well-cooked omelette.

These are just a few points that I recommend you begin to design your mornings with. Design your day exactly how you want it to be, and have fun planning it. It doesn’t have to be a repetitive morning; you could have a different activity to start each day. Play with your schedules – some mornings can be proactive, while some can be laid-back and soulful. As said very wisely by Emerson, ‘All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.’ Building new habits isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but by starting small and working your way up the ladder, you will maximise your chances of achieving your long-term goals.

On a closing note, I urge you all to make little changes to your morning routine and see what fits perfectly for you. A set of words that I heard a long time ago and has always stuck with me – “You know you make the day a very special day by just being ‘you’ – there is no one in the whole world like you, and I like you the way you are.’ I say this to myself each morning, and also urge you to do the same. Make life about the small moments – making someone smile as they wake up, or just as they have finished crying, giving someone advice to make life a little lighter to handle, or just give them a helping hand with a daily task. At the end of it all, when things change inside you, things change around you.

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