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Energy Balls – A ladoo a day keeps the frown away!

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Artisanal? What is that? It’s been going around, the word. But what is it? It is very simply put, the production of a food item in a traditional, non-mechanized manner. Handcrafted to perfection, created with love and whole in nature.

Food today is not just about eating to fill up. The world has evolved – we think about what goes into our food, and what our food is doing for us. Personally, I would rather eat a raw salad mix rather than a cheeseburger – but trust me, there are days that only a cheeseburger would do. This evolution does not necessarily mean ‘only healthy food allowed’. It means giving ourselves the choice and freedom to decide what works best for our well-being, but at the same time not compromising on what we really crave (on some very rare days!).

In our world, food craftsmen (and, women!) have transformed our palate to relish a whole food, rather than an over-processed food item. The food – milk, milk products, plant foods, confectionery, chocolate, coffee, anything – has been prepared passionately and painstakingly. More than anything, these items are thoroughly enjoyed – while being made and while being eaten – because each has a tale to it. A tale of why, when, how, and for whom it was hearkened back to.

For example, when we were younger (I mean, not the teen years, but fairly earlier), I would hunt through stores, rummage through shelves looking for the perfect evening snack options for my two sons. Food labels at that time were not very noticed – ingredients were not understood as well as they are today. Thus, was born Gouri’s Goodies – small-batch, nutritious, wholesome with easy-to-read labels – a perfect snacking alternative to the shelf-runners. At the time, Energy Balls became a hot topic in various cultures – a compact treat, packed with healthy fats, fibre, and protein, making them an excellent on-the-go snack! Whether it is breakfast on the go, or an afternoon in-between meeting, or just a small luxury you give yourself in-between those nutritiously boring meals. This seemed like a good option to prepare for my kids – for their evening snack in front of the TV or after an evening of playgrounds!

Something that began as a simple solution to my children’s snacking habits, has now become a successful producer of nutritious, delicious and wholesome energy bars, ladoos, cereals and mini-bites. Whether its breakfast, a smoothie topping, a mid-meeting snack or a hunger pang satiation, every product of Gouri’s Goodies is a perfect addition to your pantries.

Coming to the product line, one of my creations is our lovely range of Happy Ladoos. A set of snacking balls – packed with nutrients and immune-boosting ingredients. Take your pick from a bunch of flavours – plain, coconut, cinnamon, orange or a tangy black pepper!

With the base combination of dates, amaranth, raisins and a seed mix of – watermelon, chia, white & black sesame, sunflower and muskmelon, these ladoos make for perfect carry-around and pop-in-your-mouth while working energy boosters. The seed mix provides a host of micronutrients as well as antioxidants that are essential to our daily nutritional intake. The dates & raisins offer an energy boost as natural sugars. Natural sugars also provide essential nutrients that keep our bodies healthy and prevent any illnesses or weaknesses. Natural sources of sugar usually take longer to digest, which automatically keeps you full for a larger amount of time.

An assorted bag of the ladoos will give you an all-round experience as well as the fill of important vitamins and nutrients like:

  • Coconut – high in manganese, iron, calcium & selenium; aids in orthopaedic health
  • Cinnamon – packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties & lowers blood sugar levels
  • Orange – take your pick from vitamin C, prevention of skin damage, lowering cholesterol, balancer of blood pressure and controller of blood sugar levels
  • Black pepper – stimulates digestion, relieves the common cold & cough, aids in weight loss, skin improvement and hello! It offers quite the zing to a sweet indulgence!

So the next time you need a quick snack – consider our Happy Ladoos – because like Bridger Winegar says, ‘Snacktime heals all wounds’. But always remember, too much of anything is rarely a good thing!

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