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Festival Eating and Detox

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India is big on celebrations and gives all of us precious happy times with family and friends. So these are times that we all look forward to. Sweets have been distributed from time immemorial to celebrate any and every occasion. “Kuchh meetha ho jaye” was a line in every house now made famous by a giant chocolate brand. If you passed an exam then you were blessed and fed a ladoo. If you got a new car you went to the mandir with it and came home with a box of pedas. And on and on it goes - engagements, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, births…. Nothing is complete without meetha. So sweets as a celebration or even simply after a meal are a part of our DNA. For us, it has always been ladoos and pedas and barfi, not bubbles.

And during festivities, all of us love to indulge and get happy over little cheating in our diet. Just remember, whatever you eat - be mindful about it. Good ingredients are very sacred to us and are fundamental to creating great eating experiences. Sugar, ghee, butter are all good and should be enjoyed sensibly. Eat things you like but mindfully and in sensible quantities. Once you know you are eating something for taste then eat it and enjoy it. Most definitely do not binge on any food. Denying yourself when all are celebrating also has an emotional impact. Remember to make it a point to balance it all with some good exercise. With your commitment and energy, you could get the family & friends to exercise together – play some games.

Festivals mean happiness in all that you do. So don’t restrict yourself when spending time with family and friends, but be mindful of what you eat. Dry fruits are great, maybe not the additional flavour coating ones. So munch on natural ingredients that do not come with preservatives. Drink a lot of water, keep yourself hydrated and eat a lot of fruits. Because then there will not be any unnecessary cravings to eat at incorrect hours. Also, carry some good quality nutritious snacks in your bag at all times, so that you can eat whenever your body asks for nourishment and not wait for food to be available to you. This always results in mindless eating. Your hand reaches out for whatever is in front of you. 

For us at Gouri’s Goodies, we are primarily focused on mindful eating for any time snacking and eating. Also, we believe that unless nutritious food is tasty nobody is going to eat it. Forcefully eating tasteless food is never going to satisfy the soul. Our product range offers cereals, energy bars, mini bites and ladoos. And each of these products can be extensively consumed and adapted anytime, anywhere and with everyone. In fact, we know that life can keep us busy, hence we work very hard to make clean eating convenient for you. And that’s why our "anywhere, anytime" pouch is designed to fit your daily essentials, especially that quintessential snack and some of life’s other essentials.

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