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Happiness in Every Bite

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When I started making products from home my only goal was to make nutritious and tasty food. Every time I made something I wanted anyone I had around me to taste what I had made. Seeing their happiness as they took a bite always kept me going. Many a time I would want to give up. However, every time I got a kind word, an appreciation message, or saw happiness as people ate the products; I got encouraged. Encouraged to be creative. Encouraged to not hang up my boots. Today I just want to share this beautiful message that I recently got. 

 “Dear Team Gouri's,

We have had a long-standing relationship with Brand Gouri's and wanted to share how we have had the opportunity to spread the goodness.

I, for one, have watched you grow into 'Goliath'  Gouri's with swelling pride. The faith, belief and conviction that you had in your product have been unwavering. I have visited some of the exhibitions where a crowd gathered around your table of products and watched you and your team tirelessly offer tasters and talk about the magic your ingredients spun when an individual tore open a pack and bit into the delicious goodness that your bar offered its taster.

Not only the bar sealed with good healthy ingredients, the packs of cereals and the variety that you offer to suit every palate and stomach is a rainbow of goodness, well researched in health and taste choices of locally sourced ingredient combinations,  keeping all possible ages of the end-user in mind.

We travelled with the bars to every corner of the world and gifted them to friends and family who relished them and asked for more. We wrapped them into gift hampers for Indian festivals like Rakhi and Diwali, so individual family members could treat themselves to heavenly bites of healthy choices sometimes enveloped in just the right amount of dark or milk chocolate to give a sense of indulgence offered with love and care.

That is just it...CARE. That is what Brand Gouri's offers... that is your USP!

When those closest to me were ill, you came through with adaptations and versions which allowed them to keep to their restricted diets and yet feel they were special for a growing busy brand to create a power fuelled mouthful which would satisfy the craving for a nourishing and happy choice.

With the changing 'GenY' generation on the horizon and the future of taste threatened with spice and chilli eating foreigners and fusion and subtle flavoured Indian palate, I see a number of individuals and families looking towards you, and brand Gouri's to create for them...happiness in every bite!

Thanks and Regards,
Shashi Mahesh”

Thank you so much, Shashi, reading this got me excited and motivated to do more.

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