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It’s Time We Had A Cerea-s Chat

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DISCLAIMER: Everything below pertains only to real cereals, nutritious ones full of protein, iron and fiber - not the sickly sweet stuff that’s sugar masquerading as “breakfast”.  

 Pay attention, now: this is going to be the most important blog of your day.

As workdays get longer and our time more constrained, it’s helpful to find faster and easier ways to pack in nutrition without it taking a toll on your schedule. Enter cereals: grains so majestic they were named for the Roman goddess of harvest and agriculture. In fact, they quite literally helped shape the world as we know it; the advent of grains supported increased populations, larger societies and therefore the need for more stable organisations of political power.

 Okay, so it helped build cities and political systems. Now that we’ve got those in place, what good will it do you? Here’s a short and by no means exhaustive list:

  • Starting your day with cereal will make you less likely to crave unhealthy, high-calorie and high-fat foods later in the day
  • Fiber-rich cereals have been shown to encourage gastrointestinal health
  • They also decrease the risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol and colon cancer

The real appeal of cereal, though, lies in the fact that for a food so tasty, it’s ridiculously convenient. We rarely have the time nowadays to sit down for a hot breakfast or stop by a cafe or Udupi restaurant for one, and with the rising incidence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity in Indians, your local street vendor just ain’t going to cut in anymore.

This is precisely where cereals fill the gap! They’ll last ages without going bad, are affordable, easy to store and to eat. And if you have kids, it’s an absolute no-brainer - top up a bowlful with milk or yoghurt and hungry little bellies will be filled in no time; the grains will provide both energy and nutrition, meeting almost half the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals.

All that’s left to do is make sure you’re choosing the right kinds of cereals. Read the boxes, experiment a bit, find one that balances flavour and nutrition, and you’re in cerea-sly good hands (couldn’t resist, sorry)!

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