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Nutrition for long-lasting energy

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For any physical training sessions, now refuel with Gouri’s Goodies, recommends Dr. Abhay Nene

Clean ingredients, preservative-free, nutritious and conveniently adapted to our urban lifestyles – all this – and now a delicious solution for your fitness goals!  Gouri’s Goodies offers the fitness enthusiast in you an option to refuel post the high-intensity workouts or snack up before and during your exercise regime.

Refuelling after exercise and the need to replenish your body with appropriate amounts of energy (aka enough protein and good carbohydrates) are critical. One could choose between a simple protein power smoothie or an energy bar to meet those requirements – but this is where Gouri’s Goodies makes it easier for you, just like a homemade solution.

Reiterating the requirement of focused nutrition, renowned spine surgeon and an avid athlete, Dr Abhay Nene shares, “I enjoy sports like running, cycling, mountaineering and I am a vegetarian. Keeping all this in mind, I’m always on the lookout for nutritional snacks that are delicious and cater to the needs of an athlete. This is when I was introduced by my trainer to Gouri’s Goodies, for offering a commendable handmade, handpicked solution, perfect for an athlete’s regimen. Personally, I would recommend their cereals for a post-workout meal, to aid the muscle-building process, owing to their protein content. And if you are into long endurance training, then carry along the energy bars – Palm Jaggery & Honey Bars or the Dates & Chia bars – because these ingredients would help you to replenish the depleted glycogen in the muscles.”

For post-workout nutrition you need a good amount of protein to build muscle strength. The Magic Millet cereal from Gouri’s Goodies actually provides almost 17% protein. While everyone’s nutritional requirements and preferences are different depending on their goals and activities, planning a meal around one’s fitness regimen is what helps achieve the intended results.

Depending on the workout schedule and the time of day, Gouri’s Goodies can be your favourite ally to fit in enough delicious nutrition. Smartly timed snacks can give the body the fuel it needs to build muscle and recover as best it can.

If you prefer snacking before or during your workout, then Gouri’s Goodies Palm Jaggery & honey or Dates & Chia energy bars could travel in that gym bag of yours. Pre-workout snacks need to provide carbohydrates to fuel your muscles that are rich in fiber and good fats and will keep your energy up to sustain you through the fitness schedule you have planned.

If, as a parent, you worry about picking enriching snacks for your children post their sports sessions, we have you covered. Gouri’s Goodies energy bars or happy ladoos (otherwise known as energy balls) can be carried anywhere by the kids (and there are a few options with chocolate too)! And if your child loves a smoothie, then simply powder down the cereal to make them a nutritious drink to have after their training sessions.

Nutrition along with a desired fitness regimen will no more look like a tall task. Gouri’s Goodies brings you good protein, natural ingredients, and high fibre – anytime, anywhere. Our products are shipped across the country, within 2-5 days of the order, so as to ensure fresh made-to-order delivery. Simply log onto and place your orders today.

If you’re looking for innovative ideas to create new recipes from our ingredients, then view everything Gouri Gupta has to share on the Instagram page @gourisgoodies

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