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On-the-go treats: Hustle with the right nutrition!

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Is nutrition what we really think it is? It is not low fat; low calorie. It is not keeping yourself hungry or deprived. Simply put, nutrition is nourishing your body with whole foods, so that you are consistently satisfied and energized to live each day to the fullest. After all, isn’t that what this life is about?

Hustle can be in any form — planning & executing your children’s day, working in an active office for 10 hours a day (if not more!), or spending days supervising a manufacturing unit. There are no limitations to how you can keep yourself busy throughout the day. However, an integral part of this hustle is how you fuel yourself. Will that tempting bag of chips keep your going? Or is it a wholesome mix of nutritional nuts & seeds? Is it a serving of ice-cream or a serving of Greek yoghurt? Here are a few handy ideas for a nutritious and yet space & time-saving snacking ideas for mid-meal pangs:

Mixed Nuts
A trail mix is easily available in stores for quick consumption. However, what we do not pay attention to, are the ingredients. Sometimes, a trail mix may have components that do not suit your dietary requirements or interfere with your allergies. Sometimes, they may contain an element of sweetness that is not to your liking. In such cases, it is much easier to make your own!

Pro-tip: Grab a handful of Gouri’s Ragi Rhythm Cereal Mix and mix it with a crushed Gouri’s Goodies Dates & Chia Energy Bar/Mini Bites and store it in a box for your mid-meal snack. With the relevant seeds to heed, some chocolate for your taste buds and the crunch while you munch, your very own Nutritious Mix is the perfect snack on-the-go! 

Yogurt Parfait
Grab a few spoons of your choice of Greek Yogurt and mix it up with some muesli and fruits. The perfect energy booster on-the-go!
Pro-tip: Skip the chopping of fruits and muesli and crush a bar of Gouri’s Goodies Oats & Almond Bar + Cinnamon Happy Ladoo — giving you the nutrition and sweetness you desire! Within 30 seconds you have a feel-good snack for your day!

Everyone’s favourite snack! Be it at home, or on-the-go or just sitting in the office — this is the ideal light snack for your mid-meal pangs! Grab some in a tiny jar and give yourself a popping boost during the day!
Pro-tip: Skip the caramel sauce and extra butter and mix two crushed Energy Balls (make your choice from Plain Happy Ladoo, Coconut Happy Ladoo, Cinnamon Happy Ladoo, Orange Happy Ladoo or the Black Pepper Happy Ladoo) for the tasty zing to your plain popcorn!

Energy Bars
A no-brainer and the easiest to carry around while you hustle and bustle. But, would you really want to go for the mass-produced energy bars from stores? The ingredients are not the easiest to understand and you never really know what you are eating. Instead, choose a small-batch production house that offers artisanal products with a clean label system — easy to read ingredients, available in your day to day life, all put together to prepare honestly, delicious snacks!
Pro-tip: Gouri’s Goodies, a small-batch production company offering delicious all-natural ingredient snacks for your easy consumption. Choose from a superb line-up of Oats & Almond Energy Bars, Palm Jaggery & Honey Bars, Dates & Chia Energy Bars, Belgian Milk Chocolate Bars, Belgian Dark Chocolate Energy Bars or Belgian Dark Chocolate Orange Energy Bars! Skip the choosing and also opt for any of the assortments for a new snack each day!

Oatmeal Cups
Oatmeal cups are the easiest go-to snack to satiate your mid-meal appetite. All you need to do is soak a spoon of oatmeal in your choice of milk/lactose-free milk and mix it up with the fruits, berries, cereal and sweetness of your choice!
Pro-tip: We recommend opting for a few spoons of Gouri’s Goodies Mighty Oats Cereal instead of regular oats. The advantage of being a mix of not only oats but also essential spices like cinnamon, green raisins, cornflakes and sunflower seeds — giving you the ultimate nutritious mix. For an additional kick, add a crushed bar of Gouri’s Goodies Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar for a side of crunch and wholesome sweetness to your snack!

As said rightly by T. Collin Campbell — “Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are interconnected”. We believe this and urge you to opt for a cleaner form of eating; it is the only remedy that can bring a wholesome recovery to your soul!

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