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Out of the (Gift) Box – why nutrition deserves the giver’s nod!

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Gifting is considered an elaborate affair, in every culture and society. Birthday, anniversaries, achievements, special occasions, divorces (ha-ha, in some cases this does apply!) and sometimes just because. These gifts range from toys, jewellery, chocolates, a slice or two of cake, a gadget and sometimes the most colourfully put together a bunch of flowers!

The occasion or product does not matter as much as the thought and sentiment that backs the purpose of gifting; the warmth, the love. Simply put, the desire to see happiness, if even just for a moment, in the eyes of the ones you care about. Chosen with intent, packed with love and offered with hope – for a gleam in the receiver’s face, the acceptance of your well-meaning gift. I ask, why not gift someone nutrition or some natural self-care? We all follow diets or try to at least. We all want to work on our nutritive intakes as well as a daily workout. So why not skip the gadgets and offer someone a curated package of wholesome goodies – a beginner’s baby steps to ease into a lifestyle of nutritious and wholesome eating. Or, why not gift someone a yoga class, a meditation routine, or just companionship while they begin their path on mindful self-care? There are a lot of people, out in the world, who are afraid to take a step towards self-love; the only reason being that they feel alone doing it, or sometimes selfish for taking the step.

We all need to inculcate in ourselves and loved ones, a change; in our gifting styles, in our manner of giving, and in our manner of showing love. A small change in our perception, in order to change someone else’s perception, will bring the much-needed balance to a hectic lifestyle, or an unhealthy diet. For example, when we speak about gifting nutrition to someone – we talk about giving them a wholesome indulgence – products that are not processed, but organically curated and locally sourced; products where the food labels do not show jargon. A culinary habit is not one that we are born with, it is one that we inculcate in ourselves.

Yes, the bag of chips is extremely tempting, and so is the bar or processed chocolate. But how satisfying would it be to consume a Belgian Chocolate Energy Bar – good nutritive sources, as well as excellent taste. The way your body reacts to the food it consumes will show you what is good nutrition and what isn’t.

Gouri’s Goodies, my lovely local establishment, is one that offers a host of wholesome goodness in the form of energy bars, breakfast cereals, energy bites and energy balls. All handcrafted with naturally sourced ingredients put together without multiple processes, to give you good nutrition with rich protein, healthy fats, natural sugars, as well as antioxidants. Ingredients like almonds, oats, sunflower seeds, dates, millets, pumpkin seeds and many more are nutritive powerhouses; the perfect quick breakfasts or a snack that you steal in-between meals (or, meetings!). I know I do!

Head to the website to get a glimpse of all that we offer – standalone products or a host of combinations and permutations to get you or yours started on a nutritive lifestyle.

It is uncanny to most of the outside population how people of North-Eastern India follow food cultures. For instance, they have an informal practise of exchanging foods – whether it is simple ingredients, or cooked to perfection – or merely just livestock. Followed all through the region, it is a practice of manifesting their love or affection towards another. Today, we realise that it is actually the smarter way of showing appreciation or offering a gift.

My company began with the simple thought of feeding my children and family wholesome goodness, instead of the shelved snacks – a cleaner eating regime, a push towards good nutrition. I scanned every possible snacking label to understand which part of it is actually what I am looking for. I created Gouri’s Goodies eventually to make YOU, my customer, my friend, a happier individual – through good food, with good ingredients, less processing. What you see is what you get, an honestly, delicious indulgence!

Make today the day to realise the importance of nutrition in your life and of those that you love. Take the first step for them, whether it is a birthday, a pooja, a traditional event, a festival or just-because – start today, for a healthier tomorrow!

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