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SEEDS TO HEED – for a Super YOU!

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According to Ann Wigmore, “the food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”. With the new wave of nutritious consumption and conscious eating, this may hold more truth than is perceived. Seeds, if used in correct proportions, can be a versatile meal additive and hold a chock-full of nutrients.

Seeds vs. Dry Fruit Nuts

Seeds and nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc) are both nutritious and give the crunchy punch to any meal/dish. However, both are different in botanical terms. Seeds are, scientifically, classified as embryonic plants enclosed by a covering, whereas nuts are considered a type of fruit with a hard shell and edible seed.

That being said, both are loaded with nutrients such as fibre, protein and heart-healthy fats and are advisable to be included in various meal types for a wholesome taste, crunch and nourishment.

Seeds vs. Beans

Beans are types of legumes and can be considered seeds in some cases. However, they are defined as “the fruit or seed of plants of the legume family”’ used for food. The only difference being the type of use in food – seeds may be used whole and uncooked (or roasted, by choice); beans, on the other hand, require to be cooked in order to incorporate in your dishes. Like seeds, beans offer a good amount of fibre and protein in each serving as well as a wealth of micronutrients that are essential to health.

Small yet mighty – these powerhouses are crops at their very beginning of stage life. As plant foods, seeds provide our bodies with nutrient-heavy energy as well as maintaining a low carbon footprint on Earth. Scroll down for a suggestive list of seeds that can be incorporated in your day to day food-consumption:


Sunflower Seeds

With a mild and nutty flavour, sunflower seeds are an excellent addition to your breakfast bowl or lunch smoothie. These seeds are bursting with Vitamin-E – serving as an anti-oxidant in our bodies, and important to maintain strength in our cellular membranes. Just two spoons of these seeds provide almost half of the daily value of Vitamin E you need. With their firm but the tender texture, roasting brings out an enhanced flavour, making them a wonderful choice for a mid-meal snack. Health benefits and a superb taste make this a top choice for your snack cravings or to add the crunch punch to your meals!

Pumpkin Seeds

Being rich in amino acids, as well as a good source of zinc and omega-3 fatty acids, these seeds are essential to our diets. Once roasted, they are very mild in flavour, giving space for a variety of seasonings! Sprinkled over salads or roasted with spices as a crunchy mid-meal snack, these seeds are deliciously nutritious!

Melon Seeds

These flat white seeds are high in protein content and enriched with a number of vitamins – A, C and E, making it the master of improving vision naturally. By consuming these seeds, you can work towards a healthier heart! Aiding in weight loss and strengthening your digestive system, these seeds are a delight to consume – roast them or add them to a trail mix for a snack in-between meal!


Chia Seeds

These seeds are everyone’s favourite seeds to use! Loaded with vitamins and minerals, chia seeds are an excellent source of fibre, protein and antioxidants! The consumption of these wonder seeds helps in reduction of joint pain, weight loss over time and delivers an energy boost – making a SUPER you! The seeds are also gluten-free so they are a superb option for speciality diets. Soak them overnight or garnish your breakfast bowls with a generous amount of these seeds for the perfect kickstart to your day!


Flax Seeds

The dietary fibre provided from flaxseed suppresses a rise in blood levels of lipids after a meal and helps in regulating your appetite. Cultivated all over the world and celebrated for its usefulness, these seeds are the richest carriers of the dietary fibre. Ground flaxseed provides more nutritional benefits than does the whole seed. Grind the seeds at home using a coffee grinder or blender, and add them to cereals, baked goods and smoothies. For a tastier alternative, you can add the flaxseed powder to cakes, muffins or bread!

Sesame Seeds                       

This may be the oldest condiment known to us and highly valued for their nutritious oil content. Not only do these seeds provide us with manganese and copper as essential metallic nutrients, but they are also large contributors of essential vitamins and dietary fibre to your meals. Sesame seeds can also be roasted, crushed and then sprinkled over salads. This will give you more variety and flavour than your typical salad. Add raw sesame seeds to any side dish to add crunch and flavour.

While we all love our fibres through salads and fruits, why not try a few spoons of a seed mix in a day and see the difference? A small portion, consciously consumed on a daily basis, will help you gain essential nutrients, waste less and create a smaller carbon footprint than an extensive meal. Here are a few ways to incorporate seeds in your daily meals:

  1. Blend it into your smoothie – tasty, fibrous and a higher nutrient content!
  2. Prepare energy bites – mix these with some jaggery and crushed nuts, and you have yourself a snack on the go. (Pssst! Gouri’s Happy Laddoos are a favourite when it comes to the good proportion of nuts, seeds and sweet!)
  3. Make them your favourite salad topping – either raw, roasted or ground, these seeds will give a flavourful kick to your regular salad!
  4. Make a pudding – for those rushing to work each morning, overnight soaking of chia seeds in a milk of your choice makes for a quick and nourishing breakfast
  5. For those with a sweet tooth – you can incorporate these seeds in your baking recipes – add some to your fruit tarts, or a no-bake pie for a nutritious punch to your meals.
  6. Skip salted, and opt for Seed Butter for those whole-grain bread. Here’s how -


Skip the prepping effort, because Gouri’s product line incorporates a suitable proportion of almonds, oats and a variety of seeds (melon, sunflower, sesame, chia and flax seeds) coupled with natural sugars (honey & palm jaggery). With a host of flavours, bases and product types to choose from, you can have your daily fill of nutrients from our Energy Bars, Happy Ladoos or simply a mid-meal Mini Bite! 

Rightly said by Thich Nhat Hanh, “Mindful eating means simply eating or drinking while being aware of each bite or sip” – a bite saved today, can help you tomorrow. Eliminate waste, opt for correct proportion while still grabbing the nutrition in each bite.

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