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It’s almost too easy to wake up and have your mood destroyed within an hour of your feet hitting the floor. You’re running late, lunchboxes are yet to be packed, kids, clothes and toys are all over the place, your colleague just called in sick and doubled your workload, traffic is insane.

We find it’s often the smallest things that can turn these moods around - and for us, that usually involves a happy belly. This fruit and granola parfait is an upgrade to your usual milk & cereal, comes together in a pinch, and will give you a little bit of extra satisfaction - and energy - to power through your day. And if you’re still running late, simply pile it all up in a lidded jar for a hearty breakfast on the move - just remember to carry a spoon.

Fruit and Granola Yoghurt Parfait

½ cup yoghurt

½ cup cereal mix (we recommend Mighty Oats Energy Cereal)

¾ cup fresh fruit - we used mangoes, but any kind of berries, peaches, bananas or fruit of your choice will do!

Honey, to taste

In a clean, tall glass or jar (we prefer the latter when we need to eat on the go), alternate layers of yoghurt, fruit, and Mighty Oats cereal mix. Drizzle with a bit of honey and serve!

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