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Super Mom Sunday - Meenakshi Sai

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Meenakshi, is a hotelier, mother of one, and traveller extraordinaire!
“I was 25 when I had my daughter and didn’t work at the time. Then about six years ago, I bought a resort in Dindigul from a British couple and began running that full-time, though I still try to travel more than anything else. It was hard to balance work, travel and a child, and I’m grateful for all the support my husband and family provided.

In 2016, my family and I did our first long-distance drive to Thailand – I was immediately hooked. I planned my next overlanding from Coimbatore to London. It took us across over 26,000 km and 24 countries in 72 days.

I also work with our family-run RR Trust. Part of our work is the fight against cervical cancer: we provide the HPV vaccine to women, free of cost. We try to do around 40 a year; this year, we’re aiming for 300. And in tandem with that, I’m planning my next overlanding trip across the Trans-Siberian Highway: from India to Russia, across Nepal, Tibet and China. 8 travellers, 2 cars, 52 days, and over 18,000 kilometers.

These journeys take a huge mental toll. I can’t sleep properly – I close my eyes and all I see are maps and numbers swimming around in my mind! There’s also endless amounts of paperwork involved, not to mention the inevitable language barriers.

But when you undertake something of such a massive scale, people tend to sit up and pay attention. The London journey was our way of promoting women’s literacy in India; this time, we’re doing it to raise awareness for the work the trust is doing around cervical cancer.”
We’re supporting Meenakshi’s massive undertaking with a supply of Gouri's Goodies to last her and her companions through their journey. To learn more and follow their drive, visit @goldfishtrails and @xpd2470!

#SuperMomSunday is my small way of shining a light on mothers who work, study or have started their own initiatives and businesses. Being a mom is a full-time job on its own, and these women are acing the very daunting task of balancing work and a family!

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