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Trends 2020 – A Focus on Good Nutrition

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Food is a personal choice and a memorable story for all of us. Never before have we consumed such interesting ingredients or experimented with what we eat as much as we do today. This heightened awareness is what made 2019 a wonderful year and sets a brilliant benchmark for 2020. Sharing here some thoughts on how clean and nutritious eating will further shape up in 2020. Especially in light of the current crisis that mankind is facing.

We will see more of clean label eating, local, traditional and also, we would see people moving away from refined sugar. There will be a keen interest in natural, clean foods. Simple kind of food formats, like makhana & popcorns, will make their presence felt. Seasonal, mindful and nutritious snacking will be the order of the day. Back to basics. Since food is personal, and every requirement is different, its more about educating yourself and the increased awareness about what is right for you – your body and your mind. Don’t forget the heart.

More local, simpler mixes and formats, less complex foods and substitutes, seasonal and natural will be in focus. Since India is abundantly blessed with variation through the whole country and nature always provides us with what is required. So, the area you live, is what should be telling you what to eat. Because that’s more beneficial for the mind and body. Find out what belongs to your region, what’s growing in that season and then provide the appropriate nutrition for your body and soul. Take the trouble to understand the origins of what you are buying. Whatever is essentially from your region, for instance, types of rice, coconut, coffee, the natural millets during different seasons. Temperature varies and that’s why the produce also goes through a lot of change. Thus, the need to eat seasonally.

Clean eating, nutritious eating, transparency, eating what’s available locally – is what resonates with us at Gouri’s Goodies. Our ethos has been to provide preservative-free food, as fresh as possible to the end consumer. The product range boasts of ingredients that are local and are conveniently adapted to modern-day lifestyles, with a focus on nutrition & well-being.

The opinion for 2020 snacking for India would be moving towards cleaner options of food like a clean label like us and then whole foods like seed mixes, nuts, dry fruits, etc. Less is more. Fewer ingredients and more attention to the value of food that is in it. Things which are not fried, other options without sugar or added processed sugars. It’s all about being more natural, fresh and clean. It’s about getting back to ingredients that are more beneficial like Haldi, moringa, seaweed and other alternatives. Interestingly we are realising the benefits of a diet focused on plant-based foods. Examples like Makhana, Popcorn, different root vegetable chips, chips made out of vegetables like carrot, ladyfinger, beetroot.

Local and nutritious grains are also grabbing attention. We must all look beyond what we were otherwise consuming. One of the reasons that millets are in the limelight now. Millets are true gems for the soil and in fact sustainable for the farmers to grow. When growing millets, the earth doesn’t get eradicated of its nutrients, so at times the same piece of land can give us two yields. It is great for the planet, the farmer and great for our nutrition, thus creating a balance in the environment. Hence a win-win option for one and all.

Millets are such versatile grains that you can do so much and incorporate them in almost all the meals that we have in the day. Breakfast, AM-PM snacks, lunch and dinner. They provide a lot of variety and variation and are apt for our modern-day eating choices, from your dosas to halwas! Nutrition from millets is far higher than compared to other staples like rice, wheat and oats. It is also better absorbed and digested in the system and more beneficial for us. Being our native grains, it is very easy for our body to accept and assimilate the nutrition that they are loaded with.

Our products come with seeds because this is one ingredient that comes packed with fibre, proteins and essential minerals for our body. For instance, sesame seeds (white and black) is a great source of iron that our body absorbs instantly. Not to forget how chia seeds are a natural coolant, whether you have them soaked in water or combine it with another seed.

Seeds are complete foods and come packed with the essential fatty acids. They are such versatile ingredients that one can add them to the breakfast cereal or sprinkle over a salad or even soups. We, at Gouri’s Goodies, work hard to provide customers with a nutritious and delicious meal, which can also be an anytime snack, considering our fast-paced urban lives, these days. Well in such a scenario, seeds are the best accompaniments because of how they help keep the blood sugar levels low and are a great source of slow-release energy. Especially those craving moments when you wish to binge, munch on a handful of seeds.

Today when one can easily carry around Gouri’s Goodies in the bag as a snack, my objective of delivering food that is preservative-free, handmade with passion and nutritious has been achieved.

All these ideas about clean, nutritious and seasonal eating are going to be even more important now in light of the current medical crisis. Our bodies will be stronger and fitter to deal with challenges if we stay focused on eating well.

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