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What is a Superfood? Is it for me?

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Yes, it was coined as a marketing term. But the word holds some truth – a superfood is essentially food that is high in nutrient content, like providers of high anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. There are a host of benefits that come out of consuming “superfoods” like below:

  • High vitamin & mineral content – ward off diseases, keep you active!
  • Overall improvement in heart conditions, weight loss and energy levels
  • Anti-oxidants – prevent cancer and risk of heart disease
  • Fibre – found in most superfoods – prevents diabetes & improves digestion
  • Overall reduction from toxins, cholesterol & improvement in metabolism

So, what foods categorize themselves as Superfoods? Here’s an idea:

  • Berries & Fruits – like apple, blueberry, cranberry, watermelon, strawberry
  • Vegetables, Gourds & Greens – like beets, broccoli, collards, cabbage, kale, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, spinach & wheatgrass
  • Nuts, Seeds, Spices & Grains – like almond, garlic, cacao, chia seeds, cinnamon, coconut, flax seeds, ginger, pistachio, oats, quinoa, walnuts
  • Proteins – like beans, eggs, Greek yoghurt, green tea, lentils, salmon & kefir

A new addition to your diet really begs the common question – do I really need it? Sometimes, it is imperative to make adjustments to our daily diets for long-term improvements. Superfoods are good for your health & provide the much-needed daily nutrients to your diet. No one type of food can provide you with the complete mix of nutrients and vitamins needed – this is why we combine our foods in different ways to suit our palate, digestion and overall productivity.

The advantage that superfoods hold over easily available meals is that they are natural, raw and unprocessed. Any type of food can quickly lose its nutritional value when highly processed sugars are added to it or it has been processed. For a well-balanced diet, we need a combination of these superfoods – as the saying goes – you don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat right. Along with your regular breakfast, lunch and dinner, superfoods can be consumed in-between meals too. Here’s how:

A Greek-yogurt fix!

All you need is a jar, three spoons of Greek yoghurt and your favourite seeds and nuts. Or, you can grab a few of Gouri’s Goodies Energy Bites – we recommend crushing 2 Dates & Chia Mini Energy Bites and top your yoghurt with them for a quick takeaway mid-meal snack!

Energy bars!

For the lazy breakfast eaters or the shower & eat on the way to work people, Energy Bars are a must-have in your stock. All you have to do is grab one and run out for the day. Choose an assortment from Gouri’s Goodies Energy Bars – Oats & Almond, Dates & Chia Seeds, Palm Jaggery & Honey, Belgian Dark Chocolate, Belgian Milk Chocolate & Belgian Dark Chocolate Orange (depending on your palate) for a wholesome breakfast or in-between meals snack. Packed with nutrition, Gouri’s Goodies products offer you the concept of Clean Label – your product is what is on the ingredients patch – no omissions and no alterations!

Seed Mix

A seed mix in your bag is a must for a quick spoon or two while on-the-go or while relaxing at home (beats the urge to take up a jar of processed snacks). Stock your pantry with an assorted package of Gouri’s Goodies Energy Bite Packets for an easy bite fix and a variety to choose from. Packed with seeds, almonds, natural sugars, dates & jaggery – these are a wholesome snack in a bite!

The best way to incorporate superfoods in your daily diet is by experimenting with recipes and ingredients – find out what works for YOU. A good combination of ingredients consumed in a proportionate manner provides a chock-full of nutrition and a delectable taste.

On a closing note, in the words of James Colquhoun – “Food should be cleansing, it should be restorative, it should be fun”. I do suggest incorporating superfoods proportionately in your diet for a nutritious lifestyle. Get creative, your body will do the rest!

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