Energy Balls

Energy balls - the ultimate nutrition -boosting carry-around snack - flavorful, compact, nutritious and indulgent. Snacking today has evolved greatly from the chip and dip culture, to a healthier outlook. A snack is something to keep you satiated in-between meals, or while lazing on the couch, or a pre/post-workout energy refill. In today’s time, it is essential to focus on locally sourced ingredients, preservative-free products that are packaged in an easy-open-consume format, that provide good nutrition and improved wellness. Gouri’s Goodies is your magical savior here – highly nutritious energy balls Ak our Happy Ladoos, loaded with nutrition for your well-being, conveniently packaged and a taste worth devouring ! From a host of flavors, whether you like sweet, spicy or a little off the beaten path, our energy balls are sure to stick with you as a favorite. 

With a base of dates, amaranth, raisins and seeds like watermelon, chia, white & black sesame, muskmelon and sunflower, our energy balls ensure that you get a good fill of healthy macro & micronutrients, along with essential vitamins. Our flavors offer the extra boost that your snack needs - superior quality taste and superior quality nutrition. Seed mixes in the ladoos, offer a good mix of antioxidants as well as other necessary healthy nutrients, and the natural sugars provide an energy boost for a down-time or a busy day - as they offer the benefit of slow-release, you are energized as well as satiated for a longer period of time, without harming your health. Our energy balls come in 5 tantalizing flavors and provide a host of benefits:

Plain Energy Balls
A perfect gift for a special someone starting out on a nutritious journey, as well as the perfect mid-day snack option, our plain ladoos are handcrafted using black dates, almonds, amaranth puffs, raisins, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and muskmelon seeds – nutritious and tasty, the perfect energy source for your everyday hustle!
Coconut Energy Balls
A perfect anti-inflammatory, coconut ladoos come with the perfect combination of dates, coconut powder, amaranth puffs, a seed mix all combined using cold-pressed coconut oil. Our coconut energy balls also make for a nutritious alternative to traditional gifting methods during festivals!


Cinnamon Energy Balls

Packed with antioxidants, cinnamon is a traditional anti-inflammatory ingredient. Mixed in with our plain energy balls to give you a delectable snack, these cinnamon energy balls are a nutritious late-night snack, too, apart from being an afternoon indulgence!

Orange Energy Balls
A burst of freshness! Our Orange Happy Ladoos are crafted using dates, almonds, orange rind, amaranth, rice crispies, raisins, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and organic cane sugar (the magic ingredient for our marmalade!). A perfect mix offering nutrition as well as a delectably citrusy flavor, our high-energy balls are the ideal addition to your daily diet!
Black Pepper Energy Balls

Spice, spice, spice. Sometimes indulgences can be spicy too. Our black pepper Happy Ladoos are a constant favorite - amaranth, seven types of seeds, almonds, dates and a zing of black pepper to give your taste buds a fun tickle. Grab a few of these energy balls right before a meeting to beat those hunger pangs, or simply in the evening while heading back home from work – an energy boost with nutrition is welcome any time!
We recommend starting with an assorted mix of energy balls to know your favorite. Put them together with one of our breakfast cereals for an excellent morning meal or an evening snack, for a better and healthier you – today, tomorrow and every day!