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SesJag Brownies

(1 kilogram)

Rs. 2,800.00

Sweets and goodies made with sesame and jaggery find their way into nearly all celebrations, like a little beacon of unity proving that at the end of the day, we are never as different from one another as we imagine ourselves to be.

We put together these limited edition sesame & jaggery brownies in that very spirit, packed with the good stuff: ragi, rajgira, seeds and almonds, and the result is a truly delicious, chewy, not-too-sweet bite perfect for the season.

Categories: Cakes, Gifting
Good for your hair, good for your heart, and packed with protein: don't underestimate the benefits (and flavour!) of these tiny seeds.
Palm jaggery is mineral-heavy, thought to aid digestion, and is a great substitute to refined sugars. We source ours straight from Goa!


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