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3 Mini Bite Packets

(Non Chocolate)

Rs. 890.00

MRP Price - Rs. 990/-
Multipack Price - Rs. 890/-

Our Mini Energy Bites are the perfect stowaway snack: get yourself a variety of 3 flavours to get you through any time of day! This pack contains:
- 1 pack of Oat & Almond Mini Energy Bites (200g; approx. 18-20 pc)
- 1 pack of Palm Jaggery & Honey Mini Energy Bites (200g; approx. 18-20 pc)
- 1 pack of Date & Chia Mini Energy Bites (200g; approx. 18-20 pc)


Stash them in your purse, gym back or backpack: these bite-size goodies are packed with chia seeds and soft dates that keep you feeling fuller, longer, and are everything a good snack should be! (200 gms)
A bite-size powerhouse of oats, almonds and plump green raisins to keep you energized on the go, any time. (200 gms)
Organic honey, Goan palm jaggery and nutrient-rich amaranth and seeds make this a sweet little bite that fits right in your pocket. (200 gms)


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