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5 Cereal Boxes

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MRP Price - Rs. 1,670/-
Multipack Price - Rs. 1,500/-

Enjoy cereal for every meal, or just can't get everyone in the house to settle on one flavour? Well, get yourself a multipack with all 5. This pack contains:
- 1 box Mighty Oats Cereal Mix (350g)
- 1 box Ragi Rhythm Cereal Mix (350g)
- 1 box Rice Power Cereal Mix (350g)
- 1 box Happy Millet & Apricot Cereal Mix (350g)
- 1 box Magic Millet & Apricot Cereal Mix (350g)

Ragi flakes (that is, finger millet), toasty oats, black raisins, dried dates we could keep going, but each ingredient is as delicious as the last. (250 gms)
Rice crispies and poha keep things light, while a drizzle of palm jaggery takes it to next-level deliciousness. (250 gms)
Millets, amaranth and oats are fortified with nutrient-rich seeds and apricots; no preservatives, no added sugar. (250 gms)
Amaranth, millets, chia seeds and more: this cereal mix is a powerhouse of superfoods high in calcium, fiber and protein. (250 gms)
A trifecta of nutritious seeds meets jumbo oats, almonds and a drizzle of organic Himalayan honey, making for a fiber-rich breakfast (or snack!) that's mighty, indeed. (250 gms)


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