Snack Packs

When every product is a favorite, it is hard to pick just one from Gouri’s Goodies - an artisanal small-batch production unit for nutritious and protein-packed snack options with zero-preservatives and all-natural ingredients. Why pick just one when you can have a nutritious combination? Our highly nutritious Snack Packs are the perfect way to catch up on wholesome nutrition without compromising on variants that you like - choose from so many types of Snack Packs - the one that suits your health and schedule best, and your tastes even better!
The team at Gouri’s Goodies has worked towards creating combinations of our products in a way to optimize the benefits and excellent taste. Honestly, delicious and perfectly packaged for your health and your convenience! Get your desired nutritious snack pack online on our website!

3 Boxes of Energy Bars

An excellent source of energy boosters for those that are not big fans of chocolate, our energy bars nutritious snack pack offers you 36 of the non-chocolate flavor bars – packed with nutritive qualities and essential nutrients – a high- energy snack pack delivered to your doorstep anywhere in India.
Whether it is a morning run or an evening workout, these energy bars work as the best snack right before your activities, giving you the perfect boost of energy. A hunger pang solution with decadent taste, and full of nutrition.

Indulgent Care Pack

When India faced a major lockdown owing to COVID – the newest member of our lives, we realized the importance of showing love, care and thought. Thus, was born our Indulgent Care Pack – a carefully crafted pack of goodies to make you feel better, and to remind you that you are in someone’s heart, whether near or far. Health is wealth, and we recognize the concept!

Our Indulgent Care Pack is also a novel way to get someone started on a nutritious lifestyle, or just that extra little something to treat yourself with. Assorted Mini Energy Bites, Assorted Non-chocolate bars and Assorted nutritious Cereal Mixes - the perfect step into a healthier lifestyle, full of natural nutrition!

Protein Snack Pack
Scientifically, the daily protein intake for an average human being is 1 gram of protein per kilogram of their body weight. This means, the average protein consumption for most individuals is between 55-70 grams of protein per day. Being one of the most important macro-nutrients for our well-being in times like today, protein is essential to build, repair and oxygenate our bodily functions.
Immunity – the word on everyone’s tongues these days. At Gouri’s Goodies, we have created a decadent mix that offers rich ingredients that hold unique immunity-boosting properties, and when consumed all together in our mix, they are the perfect punch towards a healthier you and a stronger immunity.
With calculated portions of our Hearty Haldi & Almond Mix, Magic Millet & Apricot Cereal, Happy Millet & Apricot Cereal and Palm Jaggery & Honey Mini Energy Bites, this Protein Snack Pack is the power-puncher for your protein intake of the day.
Our consumption guide gives you the perfect food combinations to make the most of our Protein Pack – a full-day meal plan, and a catch up to your protein intake by 29 grams, at least. Click here for a quick switch to our protein pack consumption guide!
3 Mini Bite Packets
Our staff is constantly engaging in activities and tasks, which means that they need a constant energy boost. Like us, I am sure all of you need a pick-me-up every now and then, while on the move or just while bustling about the kitchen or office. Thus, was born our Snack Pack of 3 flavors of Mini-bites – a sure shot way to catch up on essential nutrients, healthy vitamins and immunity-boosting goodness!
All you need to do is order our nutritious Snack Pack that offers 200 grams each of our Oats & Almond Mini Energy Bites, Palm Jaggery & Honey Mini Energy Bites & Dates & Chia Mini Energy Bites.
The AM to PM Pack
At home, my children enjoy a rich mix of good ingredients and excellent taste. But any one product throughout the day and their attention would soon die out. This is why we came up with the AM to PM Pack – a variety of products, different tastes throughout the day, and different ways to consume nutritious goodness.
A healthier lifestyle does not mean it has to be a boring one. Shift into a world of wholesome goodness, when you nourish your eating habits with our AM to PM Pack.
A collection of 1KG Belgian Dark Chocolate Orange Mini Energy Bites, 1 box of Rice Power Cereal Mix, 1 Box of the Ragi Rhythm Cereal Mix and a box of Palm Jaggery & Honey Energy Bars. Breakfast and snacking made exciting!
Coffee, Chocolate & Cereal
This gave me the idea of coming up with a nutritious snack pack, to give you exactly the same feeling. The bittersweet aroma of coffee brewing in the distance, and some indulgent snacks waiting to be paired with a delicious cup of warm coffee. That is what our Coffee, Chocolate & Cereal Snack Pack gives you the chance for - your choice of variants for 250 grams of Nangoo Coffee, 200 grams of Belgian Dark Chocolate Orange Mini Energy Bites and a box of 350 grams of Happy Millet & Apricot Cereal.
All you need to complete the experience is turn on some cartoon channel or reminisce of the days we had to worry about nothing but the cereal of the day!
Almonds, Jaggery & Coffee
Do you remember waking up drowsily in the morning and your mother rushing you to get ready for school? For us, it was chilly mornings, a hot bowl of porridge, a handful of dry-fruits and running for the school bus. So, while we sit as grownups trying to catch up on nutrition, I did prepare a snack pack to take you back to those carefree days with fondness.
Coffee, the morning drink of our adult lives, put together with our Oats and Almond Mini Bites and some Rice Power Cereal – mix and match for a morning treat or an afternoon snacking-steal. Without a compromise on the nutrition of yesteryears, and a boost into better taste, our snack pack gives you the best of every indulgence – caffeine (mmm, delicious!), crunchy oats and rich almonds plus a cereal in the combination – decadent, heavenly, and guilt-free!
Dates, Chia & Coffee
The pick me up that your hearts need – ours sure did. Coffee, Dates & Chia Energy Bars, Assorted Minis and the Magic Millet and Apricot Cereal Mix plus an excellent coffee – what better way to get through your days. An energy burst from the coffee, essential protein and fatty acids from the millets and chia seeds and the best way to fill up your energy tanks with dates.
This right here is our favorite snack pack – feeding our souls, hungry tummies and immunity needs!
5 Cereal Boxes
Since childhood, cereal has been one of the most nutritious meals of our day. Why not continue the habit? With variants, you can have the cereal mix in so many ways – in milk, in coffee, in warm almond milk, over a bowl of fresh salad, mixed in with some home-made ice-cream or simply blended with your favorite smoothie mix. Try your own variations – because you decide what taste suits you best!
This is why we offer you a combination of 5 cereal boxes at a discount - Mighty Oats Cereal Mix, Ragi Rhythm Cereal Mix, Rice Power Cereal Mix, Happy Millet & Apricot Cereal mix and the Magic Millet & Apricot Cereal mix. A new taste for a new day!
The Llama Pack
One of our team members came up with a quirky name for a snack pack, which is her favorite combination of Gouri’s Goodies products – the Llama pack. We could not resist the idea – cereal mixes and energy bars, dark chocolate mini bites and a whole burst of exciting and tantalizing taste for your palate.
PS – This is also the best way to get yourself onto the Gouri’s Goodies path of nutrition!
The Pocket Size Pack
When waking up for work becomes less and less fun, remember the delicious snacking you can indulge in-between meetings. Steal away a few energy bites of your choice from this Pocket Size Pack – specially crafted for when you do not have the patience to consume an entire energy bar of one flavor.
Whoever said nutrition is boring, has never experimented with flavors, ingredients and sizes. Bite-sized, conveniently packaged and wholesome ingredients to create ‘come-back-for-more’ flavors – our energy bites are a winner from all our products!
A fist-full of snacks and you are good to go with our snack pack that offers a collection of Assorted Mini Energy Bites, and 250 grams each of our 5 cereal variants!
Vegan Pack
Avoiding dairy and honey? A lot of us today have entered the vegan phase of eating, to better our health and metabolisms while still remaining sustainable. To value this diet regime, the team at Gouri’s Goodies brainstormed to come up with the perfect collection of our snacking products to give you a wholesome Gouri’s Goodies vegan experience.
With this snack pack, curated specially for a vegan diet - a collection of our Magic Millet & Apricot Cereal Mix, Dates & Chia Mini Energy bites as well as a box of the Dates & Chia Energy Bars, you are good to go for a good nutrition, a stronger immunity and a perfect snacking rescue!
Anytime Snack Pack
Whoever said snacking has to be scheduled?! I tend to walk around mindlessly popping snack items into my mouth every time I hear a tummy grumble. And trust me, this happens at any time of the day!
When the stomach beckons, we feed it well. Our Anytime Snack Pack is the perfect combination of 1 kilogram each of the non-chocolate mini energy bites. A boost of energy for you, your loved ones or your little ones – there is no compromise on nutrition with Gouri’s Goodies snacks. Grab it today for a snack-a-licious month ahead!
How do you go about snacking in a way that you don’t reach for a jar of namkeen right after? Consume a wholesome energy bar filled with oats, almonds and seed mixes. Slow-release energy and a taste like heaven!
Our Snack Pack offers a combination of mighty oats cereal mix, the Oats & Almond Energy Bars as well as the Oats & Almond Mini Energy Bites. Especially curated to make you have an oat-iful day!
Super Saver Pack
To get you through the month (or more!), our Super Saver Snack Pack offers a combination of assorted cereal mixes in 5 variants, assorted mini energy bites in 6 variants and energy bars in 3 variants.
Why stick to one flavor when you can have a variety? After all, variety is the spice of life and we, at Gouri’s Goodies, love to create the best combination of flavors to soothe your nutrition and flavor hungry taste buds!
The Cereal Monster Pack
When you have a family that wants a bit of everything – really, like mine, it gets difficult to stock up each product. We understand this dilemma, and have created the perfect breakfast and snacking solution to your variety-hungry needs. Variety in flavors, variety in nutrition and a zero compromise on health – natural wholesome ingredients, locally sourced, handcrafted to perfection by our team with love and care – giving you a more nutritious eating regime!
The perfect combination of snacks for everyone in the family - an assortment of nutritious cereal boxes of 5 variants, assorted packets of mini energy bites of all 6 variants, and an assorted 2 kilograms of 5 variants of Happy Ladoos, also known as our Energy Balls!
3 Chocolate Mini Bite Packets
My son once joked saying a balanced diet is a chocolate in both hands. I laughed at the time, but then I thought, why not? Gouri’s Goodies chocolate-based energy bites are the perfect way to have a balanced snack time, without a compromise on health – one in each hand, mix and match of flavors. Chocolate is, after all, the king of dessert.
This Snack Pack offers a decadent combination of 200 grams each of Belgian milk Chocolate Mini Energy Bites. Belgian Dark Chocolate Mini Energy Bites and the Belgian Dark Chocolate Orange Energy Bites.
Chocolate Snack Attack
When all your heart wants is a chocolate, why not give in the nutritious way? This even applies to your children, who crave a treat. The best way to do it is with a bed of nutritious seeds, almonds, natural sugars and oats. Yummy, and still packing a punch of nutrition. With pocket-sized packaging, these serve as a perfect energy boost while on the move.
Our Chocolate Snack Attack Snack Pack is the perfect buy - 1 kilogram of all 3 chocolate-based variants of our Mini Energy Bites.
Max Mini Bites Pack
Immunity on your mind? Nutrition on your mind? Convenience on your mind? What would you say if Gouri’s Goodies solves all these concerns to make your life easier (and health better!) - with carefully curated mini-bites packed with nutritious ingredients, easy to carry around while still covering your immunity-boosting needs!
Meet Max – a collection of our mini-bites, packaged for you with 200 grams of each variant – nutritious goodness, parceled in bite-sized portions to transport you to a world of decadent taste and essential nutrition.