We at Gouri's are proud to be powering this project along with Velvett Homestays.
Buy any of our products and you are eligible to avail The Pink Tree Project's services. Please find some details below, and visit the Facebook page to view some of the ongoing initiatives around the city.
This is not simply another cleaner, greener Mumbai campaign; in a nutshell, it a direct social impact project we want to drive in our beloved city. We want people to take responsibility and participate in making a difference to their environment, rather than be complacent about it. The project aims to empower people to recognize their rights as citizens and exert them to find spaces in their locality to plant a tree. By providing them with the resources needed to do so, we hope the people of Mumbai come forth and show their respect for the city that shelters and feeds them everyday.

This is our attempt to restore our city to the “pink of health.”
How does it work?

You've probably received a Pink Tree pamphlet with a Gouri’s product or a booking with Velvett Homestays. You now have the option of to either pick a type of a tree listed within the pamphlet and give it life or simply throw it away.
If you'e still reading this, go find a spot for your new pet!

How to spot a spot? Here are a few tips:
1. Identify a space in the city where you can monitor its growth
2. Make sure you are not encroaching!
3. Give us a call and we will plant the tree of your choice
4. Give it love and watch it grow
5. Alternatively, gift it to someone you know will care for it

We will be providing all the support and knowledge needed to go about planting and maintaining your trees.
For more information email: thepinktreeproject@vikasgroup.com
Visit our Facebook page to view the progress and some of the ongoing initiatives: facebook.com/thepinktreeproject