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Almonds, Jaggery & Coffee

Rs. 1,420.00

Almonds, Goan palm jaggery and a nicely brewed Lakshmi++ that tastes-like a warm wholewheat slice of toast and red cherries. The perfect combination of a productive morning. (Please don't forget to select your preferred brew method from the drop-down menu above.)

- Nangoo Coffee (250 gms) Lakshmi ++
- Oat & Almond Mini Bites (200 gms)
- Rice Power Cereal (350 gms)
- Palm Jaggery Energy Bar Box (12 pcs)

Organic Himalayan honey and Goan palm jaggery help strike the perfect balance between a filling, nutritious snack that helps curb your sweet tooth, while amaranth, seeds and almonds make this fiber and protein-rich bar a long-lasting energy booster.
Rice crispies and poha keep things light, while a drizzle of palm jaggery takes it to next-level deliciousness. Eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or any time in between - this cereal is packed with fiber and antioxidants to supercharge your day.
A bite-size powerhouse of oats, almonds and plump green raisins to keep you energized on the go, any time.
An everyday coffee that is bound to counteract your Monday blues. You will find pronounced notes of red cherry and lightly toasted wholewheat bread in your cup. A seamless amalgamation of two processes, this coffee has been grown and processed at Srilakshmi Estate.


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