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Anywhere, Everywhere Kit

Rs. 550.00

Food is a universal language of love. Light up someone’s day with a gift of Gouri’s show you care about their happiness and their health! 

- Assorted Non-Chocolate Energy bars (6)

The bar that started it all! Thanks to jumbo oats, flax seeds and sesame, Gouri's first ever bar is a powerhouse of nutrients with California almonds and juicy green raisins mixed in for a little crunch and texture.
Organic Himalayan honey and Goan palm jaggery help strike the perfect balance between a filling, nutritious snack that helps curb your sweet tooth, while amaranth, seeds and almonds make this fiber and protein-rich bar a long-lasting energy booster.
Always on the lookout for a quick pre or post-workout snack? With chia seeds rich in omega-3 fatty acids and soft dates to provide slow-release energy, these bars will keep you feeling full and at the top of your game.


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