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Assorted Mini Energy Bites

Rs. 900.00

Can't make up your mind on which flavour MINI you prefer, or would like to try them all? Get our famous ASSORTED MINIS pack! Perfect for travel getaways or a simple gift/hamper. 

Available in packs of 200 grams

 All prices are inclusive of taxes. 90 days of shelf life.

* Exclusion of a particular flavour should be mentioned within the notes in the checkout section.

Categories: MINI BITES
Stash them in your purse, gym back or backpack: these bite-size goodies are packed with chia seeds and soft dates that keep you feeling fuller, longer, and are everything a good snack should be!
Proof that good things come in small packages. Organic honey, Goan palm jaggery and nutrient-rich amaranth and seeds make this a sweet little bite that fits right in your pocket.
A bite-size powerhouse of oats, almonds and plump green raisins to keep you energized on the go, any time.
Satiate those chocolate cravings and please throw your guilt out the window, because between this Belgian dark chocolate and nutrious nuts and seeds, there's just no need for it here.
Tastes like indulgence, feels like balance. These pocket-friendly squares make for a sweet snack that combine the best of both worlds.
Fresh orange zest meets Belgian dark chocolate atop a mix of oats, seeds and almonds: small in size, big on flavour!


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