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The Goodies Basket

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Each product is made from nutrient-rich, wholesome ingredients that help you maintain a well-balanced & sustainable lifestyle. And we believe not just in sustainable eating, but packaging too - so once you've enjoyed the goodies, you can use the box as a bird feeder, grow fresh herbs in it, or use it for storage. The covering net makes a handy cover for your fruits and veggies, and the glass bottle is eco-friendly and reusable too. 

- Ragi & 3 Seed Soul Cereal (250gms)
- Energy Bars (3)
A mix of our Oats & Almond, Palm Jaggery & Honey and Dates & Chia energy bars.
High in dietary fibre & antioxidants, balance with all the natural goodness of ragi, oats & bran.


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