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Dates, Chia & Coffee

Rs. 1,775.00

All-natural date-sugars accompanied by a honey sundried coffee from the pulneys is the perfect coffee & snack combination that should be savoured and shared. (Please don't forget to select your preferred brew method from the drop-down menu above)

- Nangoo Coffee (250 gms)
- Assorted Mni Bites (200 gms)
- Magic Millet & Apricot Cereal (350 gms)
- Dates & Chia Energy Bars (12 pcs)

Can't make up your mind on which flavour Mini you prefer, or would like to try them all? Get them all with this pack
Millets, amaranth and oats are fortified with nutrient-rich seeds and apricots; no preservatives, no added sugar. Enjoy it with milk, yogurt, or as we often do: straight from the box!
Always on the lookout for a quick pre or post-workout snack? With chia seeds rich in omega-3 fatty acids and soft dates to provide slow-release energy, these bars will keep you feeling full and at the top of your game.
Pulp sun-dried in the Pulneys, this coffee is processed carefully to bring out complex subtleties through a range of notes in every cup. A rich and vibrant coffee with a considered fruitiness comprising of aromatic notes of nougat and citrus, berries, brown sugar and a small hint of wine with a good body and bright mouthfeel.


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