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Diwali Goodness Box

Rs. 6,000.00

Oils play an important role in our lives, for goodwill, good health and a bright future. To strengthen your Diwali aura, here is a box of especially curated essential oils for your cold diffusers, as well as a kit of our special Panchadeepam Oil and Lotus stem wick to make Diwali brighter than ever!




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Can't make up your mind on which flavour Ladoo you prefer, or would like to try them all?
This Immunity boosting Mix is a decadent fusion of spices and nutritious goodness - for you today and every day. Packed with organic turmeric, fortified with the nourishment of almonds, cinnamon, nutmeg, cranberries and many more nutritive sources like seeds & natural sugars; a perfectly handcrafted mix enriched with immunity-boosters for a daily diet.


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