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Power-Packed Diwali Box

Rs. 1,500.00

Unveiling the Power-Packed Diwali Box: Ignite Your Celebrations.

Box Includes:
Option 1- Almonds 100gm, Ragi Chocolate Cereal 50gm, Assorted Ladoos 12pcs with 1 Ganesh Diya
Option 2- Assorted Minis 250gm with 1 Ganesh Diya

Note : The boxes are subject to availability.

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Ragi Chocolate Cereal 

The king of all desserts is now our newest mix. A power punch of ragi, dates, coconut oil, seed mixes, truly rich cocoa nibs and cocoa powder, further fortified with amaranth, vanilla and jaggery, this is your morning smile-maker in a nutshell!

Assorted Ladoos 

Can't make up your mind on which flavour Ladoo you prefer, or would like to try them all?

Assorted Minis 
Can't make up your mind on which flavour Mini you prefer, try them all.


Ragi chocolate cereal (50gm) + assorted ladoos 12pcs + 1pcs ganesh diya, Assorted minis (250gm) + 1pcs ganesh diya