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The Rakhi Box

Rs. 800.00

It's the little things that bring us closer - the inside jokes, the endless squabbles, a shared language that not even your parents understand. Your biggest nag and your fiercest soldier. Let's celebrate those memories with our siblings.

- Orange Belgian Dark Chocolate Mini Bites(2 pcs)
- Palm Jaggery Mini Bites (2 pcs)
- Belgian Dark Chocolate Mini Bites (2 pcs)
Proof that good things come in small packages. Organic honey, Goan palm jaggery and nutrient-rich amaranth and seeds make this a sweet little bite that fits right in your pocket.
Satiate those chocolate cravings and please throw your guilt out the window, because between this Belgian Dark Chocolate and nutritious nuts and seeds, there's just no need for it here.
Fresh orange zest meets Belgian dark chocolate atop a mix of oats, seeds and almonds: small in size, big on flavour!


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