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Thandai Ladoo

Rs. 820.00

Thandai ladoo is made with the "thandai mix" , a  special blend of quintessential natural spices - cardamom, fennel, poppy, almonds, cashew nut, watermelon seeds, Kashmir valley sourced saffron with the goodness of cooling organic dried rose petals has natural detoxifying properties. Naturally sweetened with energy boosting the dates, raisins (green & black) & honey.  Combined with the goodness of nutrient dense almonds, handmade cashew nut butter, amaranth (rajgira) puff , Ragi puff & cold pressed coconut oil ; overall provides a gluten-free, good source of protein & is rich in dietary fibre as it helps improves digestion and enhances dull mood promoting a better health.




250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kg



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