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The Cereal Monster Pack

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MRP Price - Rs. 14,010/-
Multipack Price - Rs. 11,200/-

An assortment of cereals for the whole family, plus Assorted Mini energy bites and our signature Happy Ladoos perfect for both gifts and snacks.
This pack contains:
- Assorted Cereals - 3 boxes each of 350 gms of all 5 kinds of cereal
- Assorted Mini Bites - 1 mini packet each of 200 gms of all 6 flavours
- Assorted Ladoos - 2 kg of 5 flavours

Can't make up your mind on which flavour MINI you prefer, or would like to try them all? Get our famous ASSORTED MINIS pack! Perfect for travel getaways or a simple gift/hamper. Available in packs of 200gm
3 boxes each of 350 gms of all 5 kinds of cereal (Mighty Oats, Rice Power, Ragi Rhythm, Happy Millet & Apricot, Magic Millet & Apricot.
2 kgs of 5 flavours (Plain Ladoo, Coconut Ladoo, Cinnamon Ladoo, Orange Ladoo, Black Pepper Ladoo)


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