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Breakfast Cereals
Breakfast, salad topper or a smoothie topping? Yes, we call them Breakfast Cereals, but you can do so much more with them. In India, we associate healthy breakfast cereals with only milk and porridge as the best way to achieve good health. But, why not take your creative mind to the next level, a healthier level? Have it in a bowl with some orange juice, or as a topping for a fresh salad, or even top your smoothie with a few spoons of the nutritious breakfast cereals. Or go ahead and swish it into your healthy morning smoothie. Our favourite way is to make a yogurt parfait with layers of our cereals and Greek or fresh yogurt - a healthy, power-packed carry to work snack! With 6 decadent variants of the best cereals available for delivery pan-India, we have put together a gist of every kind below:
Hearty Haldi & Almond Mix

Richness brought in by ingredients like turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, cranberries, natural sugars, and seeds, along with other essential elements, the Hearty Haldi & Almond Mix is the perfect way to spice up your sleepy afternoons, with a nutritious composition and excellent taste! Order our nutritious breakfast cereal online here.

Put it together with a cup of yogurt, and voila! a delicious snack on your hands! And don’t forget it is a great way to boost your immunity. This year has brought about a change in all our mindsets; healthier eating and cleaner living is the mantra we all have started living our lives by. Our Hearty Haldi & Almond Mix is the perfect way to complement this lifestyle! 

Mighty Oats Cereal
Fused together correct portions of oats, seeds, almonds and honey - fibrous, rich, tantalising and the perfect way to kick off your healthy breakfast or a lazy afternoon with our nutritious protein cereal. Mix some in a bowl of warm milk, your 4PM coffee or use it to top off some home-made ice-cream late in the night; nutritious can be tasty too! Order our cereal online here.
Rice Power Cereal
Crunchy, nutritious and the perfect way to enjoy in a glass of orange juice or atop a salad in the afternoon. Filled with a healthy seed combination, rice crispies, palm jaggery, raisins and almonds - this nutritious breakfast cereal mix offers a versatile set of essential nutrients as well as minerals to get you through the day in a healthier manner! Order our nutritious breakfast cereal here.
Ragi Rhythm Cereal
Children, while growing up, often need a healthy mix of all essential nutrients like fibre, calcium, protein, iron, antioxidants, as well as others. The best way to achieve this is by feeding them foods made from Ragi – the finger millet, my favourite kind. A nutritious alternative to regular namkeens and a versatile product – have it with milk, protein milk, coffee, or simply consume it with juices in the evening. Order our cereal online here.
Yummy Ragi flakes, oats, raisins, dates and a perfect combination of nutritious seeds, the Ragi Rhythm cereal is soon to be your favourite nutritious breakfast cereal, or afternoon snack!
Magic Millet & Apricot Cereal
Protein galore, our Magic Millet & Apricot Cereal is the perfect way to kickstart your day or your dreamy afternoons! Pro-tip? Mix some of it in a freshly brewed cup of coffee and enjoy a snack in a mug – the nutritious milk and cookies alternative! Order our best protein cereal online here.
Happy Millet & Apricot Cereal
Almonds, amaranth, millets, chia seeds, and many more - the perfect nutrition powerhouse for your health. Recently, we, at Gouri’s Goodies also tried to mix it with our bowls of sambhar and dal, and I promise you – our nutrition intake was much higher, and the taste was unforgettable – a definite addition to our top ways to consume cereal mixes! Order our best cereal for delivery pan-India here.
Quinoa Cranberry Crunch
This fortifying cereal offers a power-punch of superfoods like oats, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds as well as natural sweeteners like raw cane sugar, lime, orange marmalade made with fresh rind, and almonds, amaranth, vanilla and some fresh rosemary powder. An excellent taste, and a nutrition-pumping cereal to enjoy with milk, a glass of juice or just as an afternoon mid-meal takeaway!
So, whether it is a morning meal, or an afternoon one - there is always more than one way of using breakfast cereals - make your own variations to suit your taste buds, health and well-being. There is no way like your way! Head to our snack packs for a discounted bulk order of nutritious breakfast cereal mixes and other combinations of various products from Gouri’s Goodies! After all, cereal is the way to everyone’s hearts!