Energy Bites

A nutritious pocket-bite for every day’s on-the-go hunger pangs - our energy bites are mini-versions of our energy bars - delicious, bursting with a combination of nutrition, good protein and flavour - perfectly crafted in a bite-sized packaging. Carry them to work, or on an errand run, or just while lazing on the couch - a snack for any time of the day. Our Energy Bites offer a decadent snack for you, with clean ingredients, zero-preservatives, and a delicious taste, our Energy Bites make for the perfect steal-away indulgence, healthier and without the guilt! In 6 excellent variants, our Energy Bites are on offer in a minimum quantity of 200 grams per package, going up to 1 kilogram per variant. Here’s a little gist of our variants and how to decide what works best for your taste buds and your well-being - after all, YOU are who we work hard for!

Palm Jaggery & Honey Mini Energy Bites
Pop a few right before your evening walk or a hike, mountain climb, run or cycling workout - a burst of energy as well as the right amount of nutrition!
Dates & Chia Mini Energy Bites

Another great way to kick off your workout for the morning or evening, our seed packed Energy bites offer a load of energy as well as essential omega-3 fatty acids to keep you satiated throughout your workout.  

Belgian Dark Chocolate Mini Energy Bites

An indulgence where there is no room for any guilt - pure Belgian dark chocolate, fused with a good mix of seeds, almonds, oats, and organic cane sugar, giving you a decadent surprise on your taste buds! 

Belgian Dark Chocolate Orange Mini Energy Bites
A citrusy freshness to your mid-meal indulgences. Our Belgian Dark Chocolate Orange Mini Energy Bites offer the goodness of Belgian Dark Chocolate, Almonds, Orange Rind (yummy!), Oats, Sesame Seeds and Flax Seeds - all combined in a proportionate manner to give you good nutrition and an excellent snacking experience!

When you cannot pick any one kind, our Assorted Mini Energy Bites are the best way to enjoy all our variants without compromising on taste, flavour or nutrition. At Gouri’s Goodies, we aim to making snacking fun and tasty - whether its Energy Bars, Energy Bites, Energy Balls or Cereal Mixes. Our Energy Bites offer a good composition of fibrous nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, healthy fats as well as omega-3 fatty acids that are essential to our health. Locally sourced ingredients, carefully handcrafted with zero-preservatives, our Energy Bites are just what you need to complete the snacking agenda for your days!